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1 year ago

Dubai Souqs: Exploring the Vibrant Culture

While getting out of the Dubai International Airport one will encounter the sleek, gleaming and sky-touching buildings welcoming you. I was startled to see the gleaming infrastructure matching the stature of global cities like New York or any western European city. But what I wanted to explore was the famous Dubai Souqs. Besides so many shopping malls, these Souq attracts heard of tourists visiting the Emirate city. I was surprised to see the diverse kinds of Souqs while holidaying in Dubai. From the glossy and tidy atmosphere, the traditional marketplace are known for the ramshackle shops, cacophony and colourful shops displaying their different products.

I have explored the Gold Souq, Silk Souq and Spice Souq. While exploring these souq one will encounter that many shops are more than hundred years old. You will encounter shops selling unique things that most of them will be seeing the first time. The pungent smell of spices or the aroma of perfumes could have a serious assault on your senses. The glittering shine of the precious yellow metal at the Gold Souq is all just amazing. Book Dubai holiday packages and enjoy shopping at the traditional Arabian bazaars.


1 year ago

Madurai – The Heart and Soul of Tamil Nadu

Just as I thought my tour of Chennai is going to end, suddenly we popped up a plan of visiting Madurai. At my first thought, I was little confused and knew little about the city. But I think the joy of venturing and holidaying on an unknown destination is thrilling. You don’t know much about the place and what it has for you in the box. So on the next day we reached the city. I have myself made online search about the town. It was startled to know that the town is the one of the oldest in the world. For native and locals, the town is vital as it is the root of Tamil culture and soul. For many it’s a pilgrimage town or a prominent tourist destination known for its thousand-year rich old heritage tour packages.

The city which is known for its diverse name is world famous for its Meenakshi Amman Temple. The structure is a living and epic epitome of the architectural brilliance of the bygone era rulers of Southern India. As I was sauntering the streets exploring its rich Tamil culture, simultaneously planning for my next trip. Because of the tight schedule I was left craving for more. Next time I will look for Tamil Nadu holiday packages to relish the town and divulge it more.

1 year ago

Mathura’s Famous Lathmaar Holi

For most of us the colourful and vibrant festival of Holi lasts for only a day. But if you want to see the festival at its epic, then head towards the town of Mathura. The festival there is celebrated much ahead of the usual date and lasts almost for one month. For me, Mathura ki Holi is all about enjoying the special Thandai or Bhang and immersing completely in the electrifying atmosphere. Holidaying in Mathura especially during the Holi will leave you with a lifetime memorable moments to cherish.

Apart from the vibrant atmosphere and amazing atmosphere, what startled me is the old age tradition of lathmaar (beating with sticks). The tradition is running between the women of Barsana and Nandgaon. According to the rituals, the women of Barsana beat the men of Nandgaon, with the heavy and long sticks while the men save themselves from the shield. Book Uttar Pradesh holiday packages and unveil the colourful festival in front of you. The revered Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan is a must visit. During Holi, the priest sprinkles the colours on devotes as blessing. In the evening don’t miss the Holika Dahan procession, decorated with idols of Lord Krishna and Radha. People in the procession also get dressed up in colourful attires resembling Radha and Krishna.

1 year ago

Getting Close To the Golden Temple

I have heard a lot about the iconic Golden Temple, and always wanted to witness the structure is truly made up of the pure glittering gold. But when I visited the temple, the entire complex of the Gurudwara is huge. A golden shrine located centrally of the artificial pond is the major attraction. The pond is called the Amrit Sarovar. Amritsar derived its name from the pond itself. But first I just wanted to talk about the revered structures. Devotees can reach the golden shrine through a causeway. The structure is an intricate blend of the Hindu and Muslim architecture. The magnificent structure is divided into the two-level, the lower one is the marble and the upper one is built with the precious yellow metal. People wanted to get one in one can look out for the Punjab holiday packages.

It is here the holy book of Sikhs Guru Garanth Sahib is continuously chanted by the priest and musician. The installation of the holy book Guru Garanth Sahib is a mesmerizing and divine procession. In winters, the timing of the ceremony is 5 am to 9.40pm and summers 4 am to 10.30pm. At last devotees can savour the at the Guru Ka langar. The whole experience of the trip was divine and never to forgotten. On my holiday trip to the historic city of Amritsar, there is so much to uncover.

1 year ago

Exploring the Great Barrier Reef

Australia is an incredible destination and allures travellers from across the globe. Home to some of the exclusive and remarkable animals found only in the colossal land. Popular for its wide range of animals like koala and kangaroo the destination has attracted wildlife enthusiastic from all over the globe. But my whole interest was venturing and exploring the world heritage site of the Great Barrier Reef. I have heard a lot about the pristine and the largest coral reef. I always wanted to make a lifetime trip to the startling Reef. I have heard a lot about it and has watched several documentaries. I have planned a whole year and at the end I was all ready to enjoy a memorable holiday Packages.


The reef is the largest and is made up of 3000 different reef systems and coral cays. Filled with abundant and array of marine species the place is the treat for the avid marine enthusiastic. Finally, I got the chance to divulge the natural extravaganza. There I had encounter wide range species colourful fishes and coral that is nowhere to find in the world. Spending the whole day there and cherish the every moment that will live with me for the rest of my life. Book Australia holiday packages and see the magical moment live in front of your eyes.

1 year ago

Exploring Marrakech

Morocco is so much diverse. On my last visit to the beautiful North African country, I couldn’t believe that it has so much to offer. A beautiful country where Desert and high snow covered mountains welcomes you can’t get better than this. A holiday in Morocco is all about getting engulf in the vibrant culture and old historical cities. On my visit to the country, I had visited the beautiful and historical city of Marrakech. The city host to some of the finest cultural grandeur that can be visited and explored by the tourists. Marrakech the third biggest city after Casablanca and Rabat. Nicely located close to the exquisite Atlas Mountains, the Sahara desert is just a few miles away.

A trip to the historical city and one will find that the city is divided into Old Medina and modern European district of Gueliz or Ville Nouvelle. Famous for its plethora of tourist attractions, travellers could explore the entire day wandering and unwinding the popular ancient souks, historical sites and Museums. Backpackers exploring the city will find the city culturally contrasting with a touch of European culture. I have booked a Morocco holiday packages from, as I always wanted to travel and explore the captivating country.

1 year ago

Exploring Lucknow: The Land of Nawabs

“Muskuraiye Ki Aap Lucknow Mein Hain” – A famous old Phrase beautifully summarizing the spirit of Lucknow.

This old phrase truly lives up to its mark, Lucknow the capital of Uttar Pradesh is illustrious for its Tehzeeb (manareesm) and Nafasat (sophistication). Quintessential to the place the mannerism is easily visible when tourists on a holiday to this beautiful place interact with the native people. Popularly called Lucknowi they are a great exponent of the respect (adab), they give to each other. Apart displaying their immense respect to everyone, the destination is also known for its rich culture and heritage. Popularly called the city of Nawabs, is globally appreciated for its cuisine, art, medieval gardens, poetry and art. Holidays in Uttar Pradesh is also a great way to uncover the rich art and handicraft of the place. Illustrious for their Indian embroideries of Chikan and Lucknavi Zardozi, is also exported worldwide.

The place is home to some of the spectacular historical monument built during the medieval period. Tour and discover some of the well-known attractions like Shahi Baoli, Banarsi Bagh, Chattar Manzil, Tare Wali Kothi, Khursheed Manzil, Bada Imambada, and Roomi gate.  Also savour its delicious cuisines especially the kebabs, Boti Kababs, Ghutwa Kabab, Galawati Kebabs, and more. Actually the place is a paradise for foodies. Experiencing the polite manner and sophistication with Uttar Pradesh holiday packages.

1 year ago

Varanasi: Divulging the Old City

One of the oldest and continuously populated city on the earth, Varanasi or Banaras is all about finding your inner self. My last holiday trip to the city where people come in search of Moksha, and take a holy dip in the river Ganges to wash away all their previous sins. The city is chaotic, insanely colourful, restless and if you will love her, the city will love you back. The streets are filled with foreigners dressed in Indian attires, singing and chanting while on their way to Ghats. The experiences of visiting the city will certainly change your perception towards life. The Ghats lining the sacred Ganges river where hundreds of dead cremating on a daily basis. It is believed that if you are cremated your loved ones here, their soul will attain Moksha (Liberation from the vicious cycle of death and birth). The Uttar Pradesh holiday packages are ideal for travellers wanted to experience something which no other destination in the world can.

Take a boat ride along the Ghats witnessing sacred rituals of life and death. The Kashi Vishwanath mandir is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temples and its history goes back to more than 3500 years.  My holiday escape to one of the world’s oldest city was breathtaking and memories the place had left in me was speechless. for more info visit: